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The Siemens 1.5T MAGNETOM  Avanto a Tim Dot System, considered  the number one machine in the high filed MR scanners,  making it the optimal choice for highest patient throughput and best image quality ; Its superiority is due but not limited to:

Tim (Total imaging matrix) revolutionary technology, which shifts the spotlight onto a tremendously innovative RF system and matrix coil technology.

Dot (Day optimizing throughput) technology, for optimized MRI workflow, helping the user performs their routine work quickly and efficiently.

The machine is very specialized and organ oriented  including  application suites as:  Neuro Suite  , Angio Suite (without contrast) ,  Cardiac Suite ,  Body Suite ,  Oncology Suite ( including whole body diffusion – DWIBS) ,  Breast Suite ,  Ortho Suite ,  Pediatric Suite ,  Scientific Suite.

Due to the high performance of our MRI, most of our high quality exams can be completed in approximately 15 minutes making the MRI a friendly experience.


MRI has become the preferred procedure to diagnose a large number of potential problems in many different parts of the body. Images created will tell the radiologist differences between normal and abnormal tissue.


Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, there are no food or drink restrictions prior to a MRI examination; you can continue to take any medication. However, special precautions must be taken with regards to your clothing. You will not be able to wear anything metallic during the exam, therefore, it is recommended to leave your watches, jewels or any metallic object away from the MRI room. It is also recommended not to wear any make up because some cosmetic contain small amount of metals.
Here are some forbidden objects:
    • Electronic devices such as hearing aids, cellphones, beepers, etc.,*

    • Watches, metal jewelry, hair barrettes, hairpins, safety pins.

    • Purse, wallet, credit cards with magnetic strip, pens, keys, coins.

    • Shoes, belt buckles, or any clothing that has metal zipper, buttons, hooks, or metal threads.

For implanted electronic devices such as pace maker, defibrillator, neurostimulator, aneurysm clip or any metal implant (bullet wounds) you must inform the MRI technician as these may create health hazard or other problems. You must do the same for dentures/teeth with magnetic keepers, medication patch, permanent cosmetics or tattoos.

Important Note: it is very important to inform you physician, MRI technologist or the Radiologist at Medical Diagnostics, if you are already pregnant or could be.

Having taken in consideration above precautions, MRI examination remains a safe procedure.


Although latest MRI produces less noise than before, you may prefer to have earplugs or headphones in order to prevent you from hearing normal sound of MRI scanner.

If required, a contrast agent can be injected into a vein to achieve a better and clearer picture of the examined area. MRI contrast does not contain iodine and therefore do not cause allergy reaction or other problems.

During the examination, and especially during the sequence where imaging takes place, you may be required to hold your breath and stay still. Please listen to the MRI technologist accordingly he will always be able to speak with you hear you and observe you during all the examination time.